Why You Need A Red Blazer In Your Closet This Fall

Topshop Slouch Blazer  //Mango Plaid Shorts (Similar Style  Here  &  Here )//  UO Suede Ankle Boot  //  Hand Pendant Necklace

Topshop Slouch Blazer //Mango Plaid Shorts (Similar Style Here & Here)// UO Suede Ankle Boot // Hand Pendant Necklace

Blazers are definitely one of my favorite go-to during fall season! It’s perfect for layering and also just makes you look like you actually tried. If I am running late for work, I would just put on a blazer and head out the door.

Usually my blazer collections consist of more neutral tones - black, gray, brown, white, etc. But recently I’ve been loving to wear my red slouch blazer! I think it’s perfect for the season if you are thinking of wearing something bright or adding some warm tones to your outfit. The color red also gives your outfit a cool and sleek feel.


I also love how this blazer is oversized/slouchy. It definitely relax the look a bit which makes this blazer the perfect for day to night looks!

To style a red, bright blazer, I would wear something more of neutral tones underneath such as what I have worn here - a white tee and a pair of plaid shorts! This makes your entire outfit looks more sophisticated and not too “busy”.

Same with accessories - minimal vibe necklaces and earrings! Because the star of the show is that red blazer ;)


To me, blazers are also one of those pieces that make you instantly feel confident once you put them on! And adding a pop of colors to your outfit only make it better!