Fall Fashion Pieces to Look Out For When Thrifting

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Come Thrift With Me!

I recently went to a Goodwill to see if I could score some clothing pieces for the fall and boy, did I score BIG!!! It was such a successful thrifting trip that I obviously have to share it with you all :) Watch the video below to see what I got!

These are also some of the fashion items I usually look out for when I go thrifting! Especially some basic essentials you really don’t need to spend top dollars – things in thrift stores are sometimes just as good as new! I also love going after some cool and unique fashion pieces that you normally won’t find in retail stores or online. And of course, when you can find some items that you know are sold for 1000% more in retail and you are getting it for $5…JACKPOT! Through this haul video, you will know what I like to get when thrifting :)

I am also going to incorporate all the thrifted items into my daily outfits and share a lookbook with you! Of course, this awesome look with London Fog Trench Coat (Similar Style Here)& Chloe Pixi Bag will be one of them. So just a little sneak peek haha!

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