What to Pack: Travel Outfits for San Francisco

Of course I did a very touristy thing in SF! I LOVED IT!

Of course I did a very touristy thing in SF! I LOVED IT!

A week ago Jeremy and I decided to do a long weekend trip to San Francisco! We were super excited since neither of us have been to the Bay Area. We'd planned everything from where to explore down to what to eat each night as we made a bunch of reservations beforehand. But when it comes to what to pack, I didn't really start packing for clothes til few days before when I know how the weather is at our destination. And deciding what to wear while traveling could be such a pain! Trust me, been there, done that. There were times when I wanted to wear a cool shirt I got just for the trip (who else also using trips as an excuse to buy new clothes?), but nothing in my closets matches with the shirt! Not to mention unpredictable weathers sometimes make you feel super unprepared. 

When traveling and exploring the world, outfits should be your least concerns! But it's hard not to let one bad, uncomfortable outfit ruin your whole day. That's why I want to share with you my SF outfits in hopes to inspire you to know what to pack when you are traveling. You want to wear cute outfits that also make you feel cute!



San Fran's weather was definitely not what I expected! It's ranging from high 50 - low 70 degrees. It's also very windy due to the bay and the hills. One moment you would be hot, but just around the corner would be windy AF. It's definitely a place where you need to constantly bring a layer with you. 

I was definitely not dress according for the dinner first night. My thought was, "I am in a new city, going out getting dinner and drinks, and guess what, it's summer! Need to dress super cute!" I underestimate just how cold it was when I decided to wear a crop top and pants and layer the outfit with a thin blazer! It was actually a very interesting experience seeing everyone else wearing puffer jackets while you are showing off some skin :D

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How do you look cute when hiking and also going on a winery tour later? Easy! Wear a comfortable yet trendy jumpsuit and a pair of white sneakers. And once you get to the wineries, change the sneakers to sandals for more of a casual vibe :) Wearing jumpsuits also have this one benefit: avoiding mosquitoes! Jeremy had bites all over his legs while I didn't even know there were bugs haha!

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I am a strong believer of that the best way to get to know a city is to walk around. And that's what we did! Not just go to the touristy spots like the Painted Ladies or Lombard Street, but also explore their neighborhoods. Mission district is one of the popular neighborhoods in San Fran. It's full of history and art combined, a very interesting area that you should definitely check out! We walked from Mission District all the way to the Palace of Fine Arts (1.5 hour on Google map!) And of course I complained, but it was all worth it and I wouldn't do it any other way :) 

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Fun Fact: I took sooo many Art History courses in college that I could be Art History minor XD

Fun Fact: I took sooo many Art History courses in college that I could be Art History minor XD

You guys know how much I loveeeee art museums (if you don't, now you do!). So naturally I have to visit at least one museum in this city! We chose SF MOMA because I love modern art but also just want to compare how it is to that of the one in NYC. And guess what? IT'S SOOOO MUCH BETTER! It's way more interactive and also the building itself is an art! You should definitely go if you are ever in SF. For this outfit, I wanted to feel more artsy so decided to go with a laced embroidery top with black pants I wore on my first night. It's one of the keys to recycle your clothing pieces into various outfits so you don't have to pack too much in your suitcase! Leave some rooms for souvenirs! 

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I hope you guys love these outfits as much as I do! And just always remember to rock whatever you are wearing with confidence! 


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