How to Style Thrift Store Finds this Summer


Thrift Finds! I can't believe I haven't even talked about this topic on my blog yet! It's basically my past time activities and one of my favorite ways to shop for cool or vintage clothes. It's also a way for me to get creative! As I pick through each item in the store I start planning on my outfits and see how I can style them. Goodwill, Salvation Army, Garage Sale, Estate Sales, or flea markets you name it, if I see it, you bet 100% I would go in. (Fun fact: I will always always schedule a time when traveling to go visit the local thrift stores just to see what fun things I can find!)

I got this flowy yellow tube top and the high rise jeans from Goodwill stores near me. The strapless top is perfect for the summer but more perfect for small bust girls like myself! The ruffle layered on the neckline definitely helps to give an illusion of bigger chest :D It's also a little cropped so you can always some skin depends on how you style it. 


As for the pair of jeans, I swear when I first saw them my immediately thought was it's definitely from the 80s. The smell and the tag said it all. Heck, I am not even sure if it's jean material as the fabric is really soft. But because there are no pockets, I was hesitate to get them (You know your girl love anything with pockets). Once I tried them on though, game changer! First of all, they are high rise, though I am not sure if they supposed to be or just because I have short legs haha but work for me! I do have to roll up the jeans a bit, but I actually really like the way this pair of jeans look on me! 


Now onto how I style these adorable thrifty finds! Since I feel like these clothing pieces give me some retro vibe. I decided to wear half up half down high ponytail with a scrunchie and left some hair to frame my face. Pairing the outfit with a really cool half moon slimmed sunglasses from Urban Outfitters, I am absolutely obsessed with this look!


For shoes, I decided to go a bit more classy but still get that retro vibes going on. These Cut Out Court Heels from Charles & Keith are the perfect shoes to give you that cool girl feel while completing the look. 


Thrift shopping is such a great way to find your own styles without breaking a bank! I always love to support local Goodwill or Salvation Army stores just to see what new outfit ideas I could come up with! It's almost like a fun challenge to me haha. So I encourage you to go out there and try to find some fun things in the thrift stores! You might just able to give these clothes a second home :)

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