The Wedding Guest Outfit That Will Make You Stand Out This Summer!


Summer schedules are usually full of weddings, showers, or any social events. Heck, I’ve already been to three weddings this month, how crazy is that?! Summer comes with many colorful and creative outfits, but when it comes to weddings, it’s not easy to find that perfect outfit that’s appropriate for the occasion, unique, and also will not break the bank account. I’ve locked down what kind of easy outfits for you that will make you stand out during weddings, or any social settings in the summer.


Jumpsuits are really the new dress nowadays. They are comfortable and when dancing you can be as free with your dance moves as you want. Here I am wearing this lime bandeau jumpsuit from ASOS (on sale for $28!). The ruffle top and the little cut-out around my abdominal area just screams summer to me. It’s flowy and feminine. The bandeau is really secured so you don’t have to worry about any wardrobe malfunction. Best of all, the chest part is somewhat padded which means you really don’t need to wear anything underneath, that’s definitely a plus to me especially during these hot summer days. Jumpsuits are still not commonly seen at weddings but they sure receive many compliments! Every time I wear one I will have many other guests ask me where I get my outfits from.


Bright Colors:

Since we are talking about summer weddings, colorful outfits are a must! And when I say colorful, it doesn’t mean it has to be multiple colors. It can be just one solid color that’s bright and summery like the jumpsuit I am wearing! It’s such a unique color that will surely make you stand out…in a good way! To add more colors to my summer look, I decided to bring this fun, colorful clutch from Anthropologie that says “Viola!” It instantly make my entire look so fun and lively, perfect for a summer wedding!


These are just a couple tips I have to have fun play dress ups for summer weddings! Just always remember, whatever you are wearing, rock it with confidence!