Dresses: Not So Bad After All!


Have you ever bought a great piece of clothing but never wore it and kept telling yourself that you will once you hit a certain goal weight? That’s me with dresses or skirts. I always considered myself a pants girl, even when I have dresses or skirts in my closet. I will most likely grab a pair of jeans, shorts, or a jumpsuit. I think it’s because I always thought I didn't look good in them, or my legs were too fat and too short. It’s not that I am uncomfortable with my legs (I love wearing shorts or rompers), but for some reason I will always put them on, and then put them right back on the rack.  But lately, I have decided to let go of these negative thoughts and give dresses a try! Why buy all these dresses and just let them sit in your closet? Instead of just putting a dress on, I actually styled it with other accessories to have a whole outfit, and you know what? I LOVE IT!


Of course it’s this velvet floral dress I am wearing from Anthropologie (Similar HERE and HERE). I have had this dress for almost a year and have just let it sit in my closet til now! The dress itself is satin fabric, but the prints are velvet, which already creates a really cool texture on the dress. I also love the velvet floral prints and the irregular hems that make this dress really flowy. There are also two different floral prints on this dress that make it very interesting and unique. I can’t believe I haven’t shown this dress off sooner!


To style it, I layered the dress with a long cardigan from Uniqlo since it’s still pretty cold in my area. I wore a long gold necklace from Topshop (Similar Here and Here) for a minimalist look and carried a straw tote from Urban Outfitters. I think this look is so simple and carefree; it really makes me think of being on a vacation!

If you are like me who hasn’t tried certain pieces for a while but always tell yourself you will, I would say just do it! Get out of your comfort zone and maybe you will love the way it turns out. You will certainly see more dresses or skirts on this blog :)