How to Make Your Everyday Workwear More Stylish

Chriselle Lim Erin Eyelash Sweater  // Mango Checkered Pants // Thrifted Buckle Belt

Chriselle Lim Erin Eyelash Sweater // Mango Checkered Pants // Thrifted Buckle Belt

Our work places are where most of us spend more than 8 - 10 hours a day at. Although sometimes they might seem like our second homes, we all want to present our best selves in professional settings. I am a firm believer that beautiful clothes can really boost your confidence, and who doesn’t want that especially in a work setting? So whether your office is causal or business causal work attire, it’s always the best to dress yourself in most stylish and appropriate way possible when off to work.

Personally, my current office doesn’t require me to dress business casual (I still do dress up just in a more “casual” work setting). But I’ve always loved dressing up for work! Being polished in business appropriated clothes make me feel put together and sophisticated. And to look great for work doesn’t have to break the bank! Here I am gonna show you how to spice up your work outfit just with simple tips!


1. Accent Belt

Sometimes I feel like belts are very underused when it comes to styling an outfit. With just a simple belt could really complete the look! Instead of wearing the with the pants or jeans, why not wrap it around your waist on top of your work sweater? It adds a bit more fun to your workwear. Especially if your belt has a unique design or buckle, I’m sure you would want to show that off too!


2. Dainty Jewelry

Although I am a big fan of huge, chunky, statement accessories, I tried to wear small and subtle jewelry when I am in the work setting. You wouldn’t want your co-workers be distracted during meetings when your big earrings are dangling back and forth. Especially for this look I put together, I already have a focus point of my outfit, which is this cute sweater with the belt. Here, instead of wearing statement necklaces or earrings, I decided to wear an evil eye necklace and personalized rings on my fingers. Sometimes, minimalism for work is one of the best and sophisticated choice!

3. Fitted, Cropped Pants

This tip is mostly focused on ladies who have the similar body type as me! I always preferred to wear fitted pants over loose pants in professional settings due to my 5’2” figure haha. I think cropped and fitted pants usually make you look a bit taller, just because most the loose pants make my legs look even shorter than it is. By looking taller, to me, gives me more confidence so why not?


I hope you guys like these simple but crucial tips when it comes to wear your workwear more stylishly! I would love to know what you think! And if you have more tips as well, don’t hesitate to share down in the comment section :)

With Love,