Not Your Typical Plaid For Fall


Plaid has always been the must-haves for fall and winter season. After all, what is fall without pumpkin picking, apple cider, and plaid shirts? I personally have 10+ flannel/plaid shirts in my closet right now. More plaids, more the fun! They are also the ideal tops for easy styling - just simply tuck the shirt into a pair of jeans and some ankle boots like I have done here and you are good to go!

Recently though, I have started looking for different design plaids to wear for the season. Whether it’s a blouse or a flannel, little detailing bows or ruffles here and there can make your typical fall outfit stand out!


This plaid blouse from Zara I’ve been wearing non-stop has an asymmetric front button with ruffle detail that makes a simple plaid shirt more unique! I’ve been seeing a lot of interesting plaid blouses on retail websites. Ruffles, cutouts, puffy sleeves, you name it! To me I think it’s such a better and fun way to wear plaids!

I put together some of my faves that I think would be cool to rock! Some of the blouses you can even wear them to work - who doesn’t love that?!


With Love,