Cozy Fall Layers – Finding the Right Chunky Knits


I would say sweaters are definitely one of the essentials when it comes fall #ootds. Especially those oversized, thick ones that are just too comfortable to keep them away. Although they always look so cute and cozy to wear, they don’t necessarily look good when you put them on (coming from my personal experience haha!). Many times my friends would complain to me either this or that sweater makes them look big or boxy, not accentuating the right shape of their bodies…, etc. I actually picked up a few tricks from here and there in the recent years and wanted to share what I have learned to make chunky knits work for ya!

  1. Finding the Right Sweaters - Surprisingly, many chunky sweaters look boxy or big when worn. It’s because they are too fitted around the shoulder/arm area while the rest of the area is loose. Sometimes when the connecting area where the shoulder and sleeves meet are too high/close to the shoulders, it will make your shoulders look to short and bulky while making your arms look like they are bulging out of your clothing. That’s definitely not a good look! When looking for the right sweaters, I always look for the ones that have the hems, where the shoulders connect and sleeves area, longer. This way, it kinda gives an illusion of a smaller figure.

  2. Play with Texture & Prints - I always love to mix different prints and texture when styling my outfits. And I’ve found by doing so, it creates a nice contrast to your outfit and also flatters your body. For example, here I am wearing pinstripe turtleneck sweater vs. plaid mini skirt (Print) and rough/thick sweater vs. smooth skirt (Texture). It doesn’t have to be too busy, just a minimal contrast like tuck a portion of your sweater in could make a big difference to your entire look.


3. Fitted bottom - Now when I say fitted, it doesn’t have to be super tight like a pair of skinny jeans (although that will look good as well!) But just something that’s a bit more fitted than your chunky sweater to (again) create that nice contrast. It’s also a nice flow for the eyes from top to bottom. I feel like even if you are wearing oversized for both the top & the bottom, there is always somewhere, maybe just your hip or abdominal area, that needs to be fitter to somewhat show off your figure.

I hope these simple tips help for you to find that perfect chunky sweater for the fall and winter!