I am Obsessed with Vagabond & Here's Why!


Earlier last week I decided to share my love of Vagabond shoes on Instagram stories and many of you seem to be interested in learning more about their shoes! It’s crazy to say but Vagabond shoes are truly the only ones I wear now on a daily basis (and I have four of them, all in different styles!). This obsession all started back in September 2018 when I was in need a pair of black boots that I can wear to work, to dinner, to travel, to essentially everything.

I have gone through countless pairs of black ankle boots throughout the years. From affordable ones to high-end, sleek ones, I have tried them all.  I often find the shoes are either really chic but uncomfortable or easy to walk in but not long lasting/poorly made. Now black boots are my go-tos; they are my uniform in fall/winter and I wear them almost every day. In the past I had to buy one pair for each season because I wear them out so quickly. Even some of the ones that were over $100 I purchased would start lose their shapes and show the tears at the bottom. This year, I decided to get a pair that’s really good quality and comfortable so I don’t have to keep searching. That’s when I gave Vagabond Shoemakers Marja Chelsea Boots a try!


When I first opened the box, I thought the shoes look so sleek and timeless! But then I tried it on….holy sh** they were tight!! It took forever for me to put them on. But once you manage to get your feet in, they are the most comfortable shoes in the world. I could wear them anywhere! The first few times putting them on and taking them off were difficult…but they fit like gloves! Later I find that it’s all because the leather hadn’t stretched out yet. Now I wear them no problem. And I think it’s because of that mine still hasn’t lose its shape, which is a HUGE plus in my book!

I actually traveled with them to Japan & Taiwan. I even did some hiking in them, which I DO NOT RECOMMEND! It will (typically) ruin your shoes and (definitely) your feet. I am still very surprised that mine is still in one-piece…the bottom and the side of the shoes are still thick as a brick – that’s when I knew I purchased a great, long lasting one!


Now let’s talk about the rest of the shoes I got from them, shall we? I decided to get the Vagabond Shoemakers Grace Platform Boot (also available Here & Here) as my go to “heels” this season. The platform itself is actually quite high. But honestly, it’s one of the best, the most comfortable platform/booties I have tried! And the best part is that it’s light weighted, it feels like you are not wearing shoes at all sometimes hahaha, and when you walk, it doesn’t make the clicky noise as other platforms/heels do!


Then comes the popular faux snakeskin, the Joyce Bootie (similar style also VAGABOND HERE)! I have always wanted a pair of trendy booties that I can wear regularly so I decided to purchase this one. Like the others I purchased, they fit so well and so comfortable! The only thing I would say about this pair is that the shaft cuts into my ankle sometimes, I think it’s due to the “snakeskin” material. But if I wear a pair of long socks underneath, it would be alright!

Lastly, I just recently purchased these Vagabond Shoemakers Eve Heel. I haven’t styled them with anything yet but they are just so cute, chic, and look like vintage! I will share how I style them in the near future! I honestly love all of them sooo much, it’s rare I rave about shoes and when I do, you know they are #worthit! Give Vagabond a try is you are looking for a pair of shoes that are comfortable and long lasting!