How To Layer & Still Look Cute this Winter


2018 started off with a BANG! Coldest winter I've ever experienced in the past few years.  Just a heavy coat isn't even enough to keep you warm, you need to have multiple layers underneath. And sometimes bundling up and looking cute at the same time can be hard to achieve. That's why I wanna show you how I layer my outfit this season. 

Not shown in the picture are my all time favorite Uniqlo's heattech turtleneck and leggings - hidden underneath my sweaters and jeans to keep me warm. These items are the must during the winter! I always stock them whenever Uniqlo is having their annual sale. 

Then on top of the turtleneck I am wearing my favorite white wide sleeve sweater. It's super thick and comfy. I also love how it's perfectly baggy that I can wear a turtleneck underneath without looking stuffed. And of course when it comes to layering you can't forget a cozy vest! I love this long grey vest from Lou & Grey . The high-low effect is always my favorite way to layer myself and looking fabulous. Accessorize with a hat and your go-to purse, and you are good to go to conquer this winter flawlessly!