Incorporating Drops of Youth In My Skincare Routine


Many of you know how much skincare means to me. I typically spend more time taking care of my skin than applying makeup (I know, SHOCKING!). Although I love give new products a try, my routine normally stays the same. Once I find the products that work for me, I stick with those products until one day they don’t work for me anymore, or I find ones that work better – you could say I am one good loyal customer haha!

Recently I have found some of The Body Shop products, particularly from the Drops of Youth line, that work so so well for me! And I’ve been incorporating some of their items into my daily skin care routine that I can’t wait to share.


I always have been dealing with redness and large pores when it comes to my face. I also have combination skin type, some areas are so dry that you can see dry patches, and some areas, especially my T-zone, are super oily. Therefore, exfoliating once every 2-3 days is so essential to me to get rid of dead/dry skin patches. But finding the right exfoliator could be difficult, you don’t want the ones out there that are so harsh to your skin that actually does more damage than good. You always want to be gentle to your skin, and the Drops of Youth Youth Liquid Peel ($25) gives you exactly that – gently exfoliates and peels off impurities, dead skin cells from your skin, leaving your face feeling so smooth and soft. And it doesn’t dry out your skin either! My face actually feels rejuvenated/hydrated after using this gel peel. I use this every 2-3 days after I wash/clean my face at night.

The other product I swear by from the Drops of Youth line is the Youth Concentrate serum. I have tried so many serums out there and this one is actually the one I would really recommend in terms of the usage and the price (Retail for $38). This serum feels so refreshing once applied and a little of this product goes a long way, for both your face and neck. Just by using this for a week, I could tell my pores look smaller, my skin looks more glowy and bouncy. It also gives your skin that instant hydration and brightening once applied and my skin literally just soaks up the serum! What’s best about this is that this serum is suitable for any ages and for all skin type. It will work with your skin based on your needs…it’s like a customized product haha! I loved this product so much that I even gifted one to my sister for this past Christmas, that’s how much I swear by them! I use this daily after I apply toner & essence (morning & night).

Once a week I would indulge myself for some face masks. I always love cotton sheet face masks because they are infused with serum, essence, toner…all in one, which leaves your face feeling so hydrated once used. The Youth Concentrate Sheet Mask ($6) is currently one of my go-tos (I have a lot of sheet masks though, so that says a lot lol), leave this mask on your face for 15 minutes and it’s literally full of hydration on your face, leaves your skin feeling so soft and dewy. I usually apply the residue that’s left in the mask package on my neck, shoulder, and arms. You don’t want to waste that good stuff!!


I am honestly so impressed by this line created by the Body Shop! Give these products a try if you like, I ensure you won’t regret it! I am also going to share my updated skincare routine soon so stay tuned on that!