SpaceNK: Must Try Beauty Products + Summer Event!


I have always loved to try out new beauty and skincare products so when I heard that SpaceNK offers wide range of lux beauty products I knew I have to check it out! SpaceNK is a place where you can find all things luxury from brands like Sunday Riley & Kat Burki to the makeup brands like Kevyn Aucoin & By Terry.  And what's even better? Right now SpaceNK is having their Explore Summer Event starting today, offering $20 off for every $100 spend from August 7th- 13th! It's definitely a great time to get that face cream you've always wanted to try or stock up on some products that you love. 

Although I love trying out new products, when it comes to my skin, I don't joke around! I only want what works the best for my skin (and yours too!). My motto when it comes to skincare is Invest Now, No Regrets Later. That's why even at SpaceNK I tried hard and picked out the following that I think it's #worthit!

Let's start with skincare, shall we?



If you have sensitive skin like me, you should definitely give this mousse cleanser a try! I have loved using it since I got it and I am definitely adding this to my daily routine. It gently cleans your skin and is suitable for all skin types. It leaves your face feeling clean and fresh but also doesn't dry out your skin like most cleansers do. I honestly hate that feeling when after washing my face I need to put an entire bottle of lotion on just because it's so dry! That's why I really appreciate this Sturm mousse cleanser how gentle and moisturizing it is. It also contains full of natural and anti-aging ingredients. Most importantly, it's alcohol free!



You will definitely see more of this brand on my blog because I LAVEEEEE IT SO MUCH! This serum honestly does wonder to my skin. Although it comes in a relative small bottle, one drop goes a long way! I can apply that one drop to my entire face. It contains Vitamin C to nourish your skin and anti-aging ingredients to prevent fine lines. My skin feels really bright and soft after applying this. Also the smell is earthy and natural, some people might not like the smell but I love it I feel like i am in a spa or something when I apply this!



Another one of my favorites from Kat Burki! My skin absorbs this cream so well that my face feels so moisturized (not oily). I usually use this as the last step of my skincare routine before eye cream. And the next day my skin will feel so soft and healthy! I can even tell how well my skin has been doing just by the foundation looks on my face. 

Now let's talk about makeup cause...of course!



When I saw this palette my first reaction was "oh wow! It's so pretty!" I tried it out in store just to see how pigmented they are (they are btw) and the sales person informed me that this is a face palette that you can literally do anything with it! If you know me, you would know that I am obsessed with the products that have multi-use so you don't have to carry too much when traveling. So of course I am giving this palette a try! You can use this palette for blush, contour, highlight, eyeshadow, and wow! You honestly don't need anything else - pretty affordable considering how much use you can get out off with this one product.



Yes, I am that person who's really into packaging when it comes to makeup. Just look how beautiful this palette is! You can apply this as a blush/bronzer separately, but also all together will give you that nice, subtle color on your face. It also has a little shimmer in the palette that you can sure use this as a highlighter as well! I actually tried this out in the store with my 10 hour old makeup and it instantly make my complexion look as if I just apply fresh new makeup! This is also pretty affordable considering how much use you can get out off with this one product.



LASTLY...this glorious mascara from Hourglass. I've heard so much craze about it but hadn't gotten a chance to try it out and now is finally the time! And boy it did not disappoint! I've been using Thrive Causmetics Mascara for awhile now and this has just replaced that. It's not flaky and doesn't smudge as easily as other mascaras I've used. I also find this mascara extends and separate my lashes beautifully and evenly. It's definitely #worthit!

Let me know how you feel if you try out any of these products! With SpaceNK having their Explore Summer Event offering $20 off for every $100 spend from August 7th- 13th, it's definitely a great time to get try out these goodies! And who knows, you might just found your new favorite beauty products :)