You Don't Need Toned Legs to Rock Biker Shorts


I admit, wearing bike shorts can be intimidating. At first I wasn’t sure if I can pull them off. I always have this impression (and I blame Instagram models for this haha) that you have to have super toned legs in order for bike shorts to look good. But of course like any other trends I’ve tried, I said eff it, and just ordered a couple. I told myself I am not going to let my insecurities get the best of me….AND worst comes worst I will just wear them as pajamas lol.


I decided to order one pair black and the red leopard print one I am wearing. Turns out I am so obsessed with these! Not only they are so comfortable, but they also fit very well (I ordered them both in size small). The ones I purchased basically suck everything in, but not suffocating your belly. Like I think these shorts make me look thinner around my pouch area haha!


Since the shorts are already tight, I want to wear something loose/oversized to balance out the outfit. So I styled it with this grey sweater. I gotta admit though, I feel like the shorts do make me look shorter than I already am, that’s why I decided to wear my Birkenstocks to help elongate my figure (Hope it works!). With the sunglasses and the bag, I thought this outfit looks super cool and trendy!

If you are ever thinking of trying out biker shorts, I say definitely GO FOR IT! They are so fun to style and honestly, I think they are basically a shorter version of leggings and cooler to wear haha! And no, YOU DON’T NEED TO HAVE TONED LEGS TO ROCK THESE! Although it would be nice :D

Til next time loves!