Create Killer Outfits with Basics

IMG_5399 (1).JPG

Ever feel like there is nothing to wear in your closet? I know I do! Many mornings I struggle as many women do, to find that perfect outfits that I would wear to look good and to feel confident for the day. And sometimes you just don’t want to wear the same thing over and over again. And whenever I feel like this, I start going through my basics and start mixing & matching. You would be surprised how much basics can really step up your styling game!


For this outfit, I decided to layer a white turtleneck with a teal, silky cami that I usually wear it as PJs. It instantly gives you that fun vibe but also the colors just look sooo good together when these layer together! One of the tips I have for this kinda look is to find a tank top or spaghetti straps that’s not too fitted or too tight. That way it doesn’t really show the fabric imprint from your white tee or turleneck. Also, I would suggest to use two basics that are different fabrics. I just love how two different fabrics texture come together to create this fun look. I tucked both basics into my straight jeans and viola! Here’s the outfit I actually want to wear!


I think accessories are also very important when it comes with basic looks! I decided to wear one of my favorite hair clips that I got from Amazon (which I am obsessed! These hairclips come in 4 different CUTEST styles for a set for $10) and a pendant necklace I got from awhile back. For shoes, of course, I have my favorite snakeskin boots from Vagabond (Similar Style Here )

With trends changing so fast, it’s great to know to can always rely on your basics for a nice outfit :) It also saves $$$!! Saying this meanwhile I have been stocking up on all the spring clothes LOLL (will do a little try on haul on my YouTube Channel soon!).

Til Next Time!