Holiday Gift Guide For Friends, Family, or Yourself Under $50


Guys, it’s that time of the year again! Time to get your shopping pants on because what’s the best time to shop for holiday gifts if not now when all the sales are happening! It’s definitely a hassle when it comes to shopping for your loved ones, and because I understand the difficulties, I want to share with you guys some gift ideas that I think your girl friends, family, or even yourself, will love!

I have come up with some products that I think are perfect for gifting. All these I also have tried, used and LOVED. Click on the links below the pictures to find out:


Perfect for Secret Santas, or for that one friend you just don’t know what to give him/her

1.  Zojirushi Stainless Steel Mug  ($25) Comes in many different colors  2.  Rifle Paper Co. Maps Desk Calendar  ($18)  3.  Fuzzy Blanket Throw - Threshold  (On sale for $10.49!)

1. Zojirushi Stainless Steel Mug ($25) Comes in many different colors

2. Rifle Paper Co. Maps Desk Calendar ($18)

3. Fuzzy Blanket Throw - Threshold (On sale for $10.49!)

Having a Secret Santa or White Elephant gifts on your gifting list this year? No worries! LazzzySundaze is here to save you. These are the gifts I think people will loveee to receive!

  • Especially the stainless steel mug from Zojirushi - OMG, IT’S HAND’S DOWN THE BEST COFFEE TRAVEL MUG I’VE EVER USED!!! It has lock/unlock feature so you can make sure it won’t spill anywhere when you are on the move. Also, it retains heat the longest (trust me, I have used so many travel mugs for some reason lol). I can pour my coffee in here at 8 A.M. and it’s still in HOT, DRINKING TEMPERATURE at 8 P.M.!! How crazy is that?! I gotta admit, I have burnt my tongue the first time using this because me underestimate how much it could retain the heat. Oh did I mention, it’s also the best gift idea ever?! I KNOW whoever receives this from you will love you forever haha!!

  • The desk calendar is such a cute addition to anyone’s working desk!! I personally love Rifle Paper’s design and it just makes me so happy every time I look at it. This is definitely perfect for that one girl friend of your’s that you just really don’t know what to give her.

  • Who doesn’t love blankets?! I think Target’s blankets give you the best bang for your buck! They are super comfy and soft and make you just want to stay in all day snuggle with your blanket, oh I mean, your significant other or your pet. This is definitely one of the gifts I would purchase for my BF in excuse of using it all for myself haha!!



Perfect for friends who loves everything beauty! OR that friend who wants to get into beauty (You might just become their beauty guru friend after this!)

Who doesn’t like everything skincare and makeup?! I mean, I feel like I treat myself every other day when it comes to skincare/makeup lol. Again, these are all the products I have tried and LOVED, and I think your friends will too!

  • The Concentrate serum from The Body Shop is like the holy grail for your skin! I have tried it a couple times already and my skin is absorbing the serum so nicely - no, more like drinking the serum. It also instantly moisturizes my skin which is perfect during the cold weather. The best part is that this product is suitable for any skin type because the ingredient is gentle and natural. It’s definitely a great addition to your friend’s (or your’s) skin routine!

  • Missha Essence is another great gift if your friend is looking for a nice skincare treatment! I have been using Missha Essence since forever (actually on my third bottle!) and I can’t live without it now! It brightens up your skin and balances the pH of your skin after you wash your face. This is also a great dupe for the famous but super expensive SKII Treatment Essence ($99 - $250, crazy right?!!). The bottle is also hugeee and you only need a little each day to treat your face!

  • The Ohii Lip Jelly is O M G soooo good! Especially during this time of the year when everyone’s lips are soo dry! It instantly moisturizes your lips and also gives you that layer of protection to keep your lips moisturized. Also, how freakin’ cute is the packaging?!!

  • If you have that one friend who’s adventurous with makeup, definitely think about gifting her/him the Fenty Beauty highlighter duo! THIS could be used on any part of your face, not just for your cheekbones! The colors are super pigmented and it gives your entire face an awesome glow and glam and you just want to use it again and again! Actually, maybe just get this for yourself haha!!! You won’t regret it!



Perfect for friends who loves everything style! Or for yourself because all these products are the best!

  • Honestly the comfiest sweater I own! I actually have this in multiple colors just cause how comfy they are!! It’s also sooo cute and can be worn so many different ways! Your friend will thank you on this, trust me :))

  • I think any pair of drop earrings or pair of dainty earring is a great holiday gift idea! They are just so so easy to pick out and it will never go wrong. These are so cute and I just loveee the detailing of the flowers on these earrings!

  • Last but not least, it’s this pair of Vagabond boots! I know, it’s quite expensive but I am saving the last one for you or your significant others, you know, the important peope ;) (JKJK!!) I just recently discovered Vagabond Shoemaker and I loveeee their shoes! They are so comfortable yet stylish! I wear these everywhere now and I have gotten so many compliments on them. They are just really simple styling but compliments your feet so well! If you want to treat yourself this Holiday season, definitely think of getting a pair!

I hope this helps you to find that great gift for your friends, family, or for that special you! Happy Holidays and Eat a lot of food this week! Thank you for reading :)