Get Ready with Me - Glass Skin Makeup

Earrings:  Mejuri Organic Pearl Hoop Earrings   Turtleneck: Thrifted

Earrings: Mejuri Organic Pearl Hoop Earrings

Turtleneck: Thrifted

What I am Wearing:

White Turtleneck - Your good ole local Goodwill Store :)

Earrings: Mejuri Organic Pearl Hoop Earrings - Use my code for 10% off on your first order!

Hey guys! Sharing every makeup I got from Japan & Taiwan while getting ready! Also using most of the products help me achieve the “glass skin” looks recently so want to share with you guys that as well!

This is not a first impression video since I already used bunch of the products LOL but I just thought it will still be interested to share! And if you are thinking of visiting Japan or Taiwan, definitely watch this video to see what to get & not to get when you are shopping for makeup!

You will probably think I am a ghost for most part of the video because the foundation was wayyyyy too light haha. But still hope you enjoy watching :)

Not that anyone would care lol but the thumbnail was taken from the same day I film this video, just decided to wear a white turtleneck to go with the look! Products Mentioned (I will try to link everything down):

  1. Decorative Eyes Colored Contacts


  3. Pony Effect MEMEBOX Blossom Fitting Cushion in Beige: This is actually one of the darkest shades they have lol. But this cushion does make my skin look flawless/no pores and I think it ends up looking pretty good!

  4. Cosme Doll Cushion Foundation:

  5. Excel Brow Pencil:

  6. Kate Brow Pencil:

  7. Excel Eyeshadow Palette:

  8. Excel Eyeliners (Black & Brown):

  9. Etude House Fix Curl Eyeliner (only $9 on Soko Glam!) :

  10. False Lashes/Lashes case/ lash glue/ makeup brush - ALL FROM DAISO lol

  11. Contour: I'M MEME I'm Multi Stick:

  12. Jill Stuart Mix Blush Compact: - one of my favorite blushes!! The packaging is also so dreamy!

  13. Kose Japan VISEE Makeup Crystal Duo Lipstick (Both shades available!):

  14. Chanel Coco Gloss:


Til Next Time!