How I De-Stress

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Feeling stressed is something that’s not new to anyone. For me, I am a person who easily gets stressed out over work, daily schedules, relationships, or just my everyday life. I’ve tried all the advice from experts on how to de-stress by meditating, managing your time, staying organized, maintaining a healthy lifestyle (even utilizing adult coloring books)…and honestly all these suggestions just make me even more stressed out because I then feel more anxious when I fail to accomplish what was expected out of me.

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As cliched as it sounds, I find that one of the most effective ways to relax my mind is to listen to music.  No, not meditation music, but any music that gives me life and energy. I listen to any kind of genre. But I especially love indie pop or soft rock that are upbeat enough that you can dance and sing along, but also mellow that you can sit down, sip a cup of coffee or tea, and just enjoy the moment doing whatever you like. Almost every weekend after a long work week, I would find some time to myself, turn on my record and let myself loose to do whatever I want, whatever that makes me happy. I just find that time to be so relaxing and sometimes I even think clearly about the dilemma that is causing me stress in the first place.


Dressing comfortably can also relax your body and mind. Slouchy sweaters and boyfriend jeans are always my go-to when I am at home. And of course, you can never forget your favorite fuzzy slippers! You can shop my comfy style below: